Playing Laser Tag

If you have kids then you must be accustomed to computer games. It is the modern way of spending leisure time; play is no longer defined by outdoor activities. Of course, the 21st century limits the environment and time for outdoor games; but it is not entirely impossible. Computer games give your kids the fulfillment of a game, no doubt; however, there is no real experience. How about giving them an opportunity to experience reality in a shooting game? Don’t worry they won’t be hurt with Laser tag.

Laser tag is played in teams; players wear sensors and shoot each other with paint, not real lasers. There are various scoring concepts; if you are doing this at home on your kid’s birthday party, you need to come up with rules and choose a favorable scoring technique. Game rules are only for defining the structure of the game; the game is more fun when structured. The sensors register every time a player is hit from either side.

There are outdoor facilities set up for laser tag otherwise refferd to as laser skirmish most are characterized by state-of-the-art lights. The management takes time to check on each player’s sensor and laser vest as well as briefing teams on rules before the game starts. Usually, a time limit is given.

Here is why you should play or set up the play for your kids.

Builds Teamwork and communication skills

Laser tag team offers various options for tallying results and determining the winner. Teams have to strategise depending on the number of players and the chosen scoring technique.  While teams are free to be creative and strategise, they are all channeled to scoring goals, destroying opponent’s bases, and gaining points. The game is played in levels, as a team progresses, it gets tougher. Players have to share knowledge and skills through effective communication as the game goes on. Constant communication and consultations among players build teamwork skills. Your kids will unconsciously develop teamwork skills, which is vital in many aspects of life.

Body fitness

There is no rigorous physical activity involved; however, players still have to move around the 4,000 square feet area to avoid getting tagged. The fact that players are moving for at least 30 minutes depending on a structure of the game, muscles, and body tissues are exercised. Exercise does not have to be jogging every morning; you can get your kids off the couch every weekend to play laser tag game and in the process improve body flexibility.


One of the scoring concepts in laser tag game is free-to-all technique. In the game, everyone is responsible for their protection; the teams are as many as the number of players. A player can be hit by anyone at any point; ideally, everyone is an enemy. If there are too many players, one hit is enough to expel you from the game. It triggers a sense of responsibility and strategising for individual existence; nobody will help you or warn you. Your risk is an opportunity for the other player. There is no better way to teach your kids self-responsibility and confidence in their ability in an informal way than laser tag.


Whether your team won or lost, laser tag game is full of fun memories and experience that creates a bond among team members. While a reward or price can be set for a winner, this is only a motivation for play; laser tag game is never about winning. The fact that you have spent a lot of time together strategizing against a common enemy builds trust and friendship among team players. It also creates a sense of belonging. Success or loss of a team is dependent on individual player capabilities; kids in the neighborhood will enhance their bond unknowingly. It will be easier for them to interact after participating in several laser tag games.

Laser tag game is all about fun and building communication and other social skills. Whether you are a teen, adult, or wondering what you will do for your kid’s birthday; the fun and benefits of this game are immeasurable.

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